Jury in Peterson trial to get instructions Wednesday

The jury in the Drew Peterson murder trial was dismissed for the day Tuesday afternoon.  They will be read their instructions tomorrow morning.

Earlier Tuesday, the prosecution and defense delivered their closing arguments.

   The prosecution kicked off the closing statements, and they didn't waste any time blaming Peterson for Kathleen Savio's death.

   Assistant State’s Attorney Chris Koch walked the jury through Forensic Pathologists Dr. Blum’s testimony. Blum testified the cut on Savio's head and bruises on her body couldn’t be caused by a fall. Koch said her toes were “jammed” in the tub, and not one single thing around the tub was out of place.

   Defense attorney Joe Lopez argued Peterson is presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Lopez has told the jury, “following common sense doesn’t mean ignoring the evidence.”  

   Lopez stated to the jury, “Just because someone says something, doesn’t make ist so.”   

   The trial has lasted five weeks, and has featured five different pathologists.

   The jury may begin their deliberations later Tuesday.

   “He hopes he’s going home to his children soon which is what his main hope is, but he’s prepared either way," said Defense attorney Joel Brodsky outside the courthouse before the closing arguments began.