Obama supporters savoring re-election

President Obama's supporters are savoring his re-election Wednesday.

The president won another four years at the White House after he defeated Mitt Romney on Tuesday. Obama won at least 303 Electoral College votes; 33 more than was needed


In celebration of another win, Velois Diner, one of Obama's favorite Hyde Park restaurants, offered free breakfast.

Supporters were all smiles as they relished in another big victory for their neighbor.  But as they enjoyed their food, voters said the president has a lot more work to do.

 "In the second term I want him to finish what he started,” said Kenneth Clay.  “It takes 8 years to finish an 8 year problem"


And of course, they stressed the need for more compromise during his second term.


"What I would like the president to do in the second term is get the GOP to work together,” Joseph Conner said.  “If we don't get together, this country don't have a chance."

Before leaving Chicago, Obama stopped by his campaign headquarters.  He spent about 45 minutes thanking staffers. 

He and the first family boarded Air Force One later in the afternoon to head back to Washington, where some serious challenges are waiting for him including a rising national debt, expiring tax cuts and the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

Shortly after his victory, President Obama spoke with senate majority leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner about the need for bi-partisanship.  In a news conference today, speaker Boehner hinted that Republicans are willing to re-think how they negotiate with the president moving forward. 




Meanwhile outside his Kenwood home, about a hundred enthusiastic supports cheered and chanted  hoping the president might come out and shake some hands.  They had to settle for a quick wave as his motorcade passed by at about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon.