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The products mentioned today:

Razorpit from Denmark
A unique device/razor holder that cleans and sharpens your blade to extend the lifespan of a single disposable razor blade up to 150 uses! It sounds crazy, but it really works, and it saves a serious amount of money on those overpriced blades.

Dr. Tung's Tongue Scraper
This small metal tool helps your breath smell better and your mouth feel cleaner. Most people say that they brush their tongue. For those who do, one try of the tongue cleaner will show them how much gunk is left of the tongue when you brush it.

Lifestinks Deodorant
A totally natural powder deodorant made by two sisters from the Beverly neighborhood that is changing what people expect from deodorant. We've had customers come in saying that they did 50 mile bike rides using this deodorant and literally did not have one iota of odor afterward. The best part is that it is totally effective without using aluminum or other harsh, unhealthy ingredients.

Nasopure Nasal Washing System
More and more people are becoming aware of the "neti pot" for washing out your sinuses. But many people still think it's strange or would be too uncomfortable. Not only do I like this BPA-free plastic bottle neti pot the best, because it's closeable and is a squeeze bottle, but it also comes with buffered salt in pre-measured sachets so you can get the solution saltier (better for killing germs) without any burn. When you consider the amount of pollutants, allergens, viruses and germs you come in contact with through the air, the idea of not regularly washing out your nose would be the equivalent of deciding not to wash your hands anymore. Plus, nasal irrigation has now been proven in countless studies to be effective in preventing respiratory infections and reducing duration and severity of sinus and other respiratory illnesses.