April 18: Style Files - Chris Grundy
Chris Grundy

The tools on today's show:

Porter Cable Close Quarter Drill
18V Drill designed for close quarters and vertical use
Has 2 settings: high & low torque
Use with Lithium-Ion or NiCad Battery
Compact head size

Bostitch - 25' Tape Measure
Extends farther than ever - 13' stand out
Wide, easy to read tape
"Blade Armor" coating helps it last long time
Various lengths (16, 25, 30 ft)

Stiletto - 10oz Ti Finish Hammer
Titanium head = more power with less weight
Hits like a 16 oz steel hammer but 10 times less recoil (arm won't hurt)
Magnetic nail starter

Master Mechanic - Swift Driver
Ratcheting screwdriver
Doubles the speed -- screw and unscrew in the same direction
Bits store within the handle

CATSPAW Lighted Magnifying Safety Glasses
LED Lights on top of frame -- point up or down
2x bifocal lenses -- for close up work
Side safety protection, too

Swanson Savage Lightning Lighted Billet Level
Aluminum frame with 4 strong magnets
Lighted vials for easy view
Stays lit for 10 minutes and automatically shuts off
V-groove edge for pipes