Candace Corey

Tips for looking great on Valentine's Day:

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De-stress. Take a relaxing soak by candle light. Try Origins Ginger candle which has a warm scent. Since ginger is also a natural aphrodisiac it will make you forget about your bad day at work and put you in the mood for romance.

Make sure your hair color looks great. There is nothing romantic about having your roots show. Using a semi-permanent color like Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Moisturizing Color is fast and easy and will increase your shine up to 45%. It can also be used right after a chemical treatment.

To style your hair, try romantic waves. You can wear them up in a messy updo, or hanging down, just be sure to not be too perfect. Messy hair looks touchable, so sporadically curl hair in different directions to give hair a 'naturally wavy' look, and finish with a light flexible hold.

Before you start with makeup, make sure your skin is properly cleansed. If you have breakouts, take a couple of minutes to do a face mask like Serenity Home Spa Anti Acne face mask, which contains vitamin E to heal and soothe any breakouts.

Follow the mask with a serum like Scientific Organics Phytocell Serum with kombucha, a natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.

For a natural look go with a tinted moisturizer like Miracle Skin Transformer. It comes in 6 shades and contains SPF 20 and vitamin K to diminish dark circles, redness from problems like rosacea and broken capillaries. If you need more coverage just pat on more in the areas you need it. It is a 3-in-1 that protects, hydrates, enhances.

For color, smokey eyes are always sexy but if you have a problem choosing colors for it, try using Youngblood Starlet Eye shadow quad. For best results apply shadow with a makeup brush so blending is seamless.

For additional drama add a strip of false lashes on the top lash line. If you have problems applying lashes, go with Kiss Premium Eyelashes with application strings, so positioning takes seconds. Give eyes added glam by applying apply 2 coats of a thickening mascara on the upper lash and a lengthening one to the lower lash.

Even though your eyes are intense, you want him focused on your lips so go with soft shades that are still flirty like COVERGIRL Queen Collection Lip Color that contain a silk therapy formula infused with silk protein to help sustain moisture levels. Pinks, nudes or brown spices are great alternatives to the typical red.

If you wear a fragrance, don't over do it. Remember, you will be up close all evening and he might be wearing one too. Pulse points like behind ears or even behind knees are great places to put it so it won't over power, but he can get a soft scent when he kisses you.

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