September 15 - Brice Cooper
Fall Into Style


Scented candles to create a cozy environment in the home.

An outdoor heater that helps us squeeze the most out of this summer and enjoy the outdoor evenings.

Natural fiber pillows that can be used outside as well as in. This will not only help to maximize out time outside this season, but double as a great way to update ones interior with fall colors that are not the traditional browns and oranges.

A fan that is stylish and natural looking is a great way to keep cool on those somewhat warm days instead of using air-conditioning. Otto fan from Swiss style has an outer shell made of wood.

A throw blanket s a great way to snuggle up without being to hot on an autumn night. Information on different fibers and weights will be presented as well as the idea of purchasing a duvet cover instead of a comforter for your bedding. A duvet cover gives you the option of changing out to a heavier filer when it gets colder. It will last longer for you, is washable, and super versatile.

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