August 21: Lunchbreak - Mozzarella Roulade and Two Way Potato

1924 W. Chicago Avenue, 2nd Floor

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Mozzarella Roulade

57 g fresh mozzarella
28 g spring mix
28 g arugula
60 g pickled tomato sliced, set in pickling ½ hour
4 g orange supreme
1 g orange zest
2 g chiffonade basil
5 ML extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp kosher salt


Stretching the mozzarella into a sheet
In the smaller sauce pan, heat a few quarts of water to 185F (85 C). You may salt the water if you would like your finished cheese to be a little salty. Dip the colander of mozzarella into the hot water bath, heating them up to about 135 °F (57 °C) or until they become gooey and stretchable. If you have a pair of rubber gloves, this is a good time to put them on, as you will be working the hot mozzarella with your hands. When the Mozzarella get stretchy, start out by kneading them like a piece of bread dough on a clean surface, working gently at first. When the mozzarella cools down and becomes less pliable, put it back in the colander and dip it in the water bath again. After a few cycles, you will see the cheese starting to get smooth and shiny. Drain off the whey as you work the cheese. At this point you can start stretching it like taffy instead of kneading. Stretch into ¼ inch sheet and cut into 2x4 inch rectangles

Creating the roulade
Centering the mozzarella rectangle brush with oil and dust with light salt. Place 1 layer of arugula and 1 layer of spring mix atop, rollup tight, gluing the edge of mozzarella to itself to ensure a sealed roll. Slice into desired piece sizes.

Align sliced roulades as desired top with marinade pickles from the pickling liquid. Place orange supreme on either side of roulade on plate. Finish with basil and orange zest sprinkled atop. Garnish with an extra drizzle of oil and sprinkle of salt
Do not over-fill & over-tighten the mozzarella when rolling it up. If you do so, the cheese will break apart. Gentle hands rule!

Make sure the mozzarella cheese is cooled completely before rolling up the mozzarella because if you put cold greens (spring mix and arugula) onto the hot mozzarella, the greens will wither.

Any other fresh greens will suffice for this dish, so feel free to mix it up. Fresh is best.

The entire dish can be pre-made and cut ahead of time for a party and will last a few hours without getting mushy.

Don’t be afraid to salt liberally – the mozzarella and greens need salt to be delicious and burst with Mediterranean flavor.


Pickled Tomatoes

125 ml white distilled vinegar
42 ml water
95 g sugar
9.5 g kosher salt
1 ea bay leaf 
1 ea kaffir leaf
9.5 g black peppercorn
1 ea cinnamon stick
2 ea star anise 
9.5 g small dice celery
9.5 g small dice yellow onion
9.5 g small dice carrot
4.7 g fennel seed
2 ea dried chili pod, red

In a pot. Combine and mix well all ingredients. Bring to boil on medium heat. Remove from heat and let cool while steeping combined ingredients. Strain. Store.

Two Way Potato with Truffled Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

450 g Yukon potato
97.5 ml heavy cream
15 g truffle oil
1 g mint julienne
1.5 g salt
275 g goat cheese
3 ea Yukon potato


Potato Filling
Clean, peel cut potato into large dice. Place into a pot and cover with cold water and set on med-high heat and simmer until fork tender. In a small pot combine cream and truffle oil, on low heat reduce by half. Place warm potato into bowl and mash with fork or potato masher. Combine reduced truffle cream into potato mixture and mash until creamy. Fold mint, goat cheese and salt into mixture and mix until well incorporated. Adjust seasoning.

Potato Chip Shell
Clean Yukon potatos and peel. Using mandolin slice potato 1/8 inch thick lengthwise. Fold slices until they meet and suture with toothpick forming a shell. Deep fry in frying oil @ 350 degree until golden.

Filling Potato
Fill piping bag with potato filling. Pipe filling into shell until full. Serve with a drizzle of extra truffle oil and a dash of salt.

The rule of frying is "GBD" which means “Golden Brown & Delicious” -- if potatoes are not cooked correctly through, they become soggy and oily and not very pleasant to eat.

Make sure to cool the mashed potato mixture that fills the fried potato shell before incorporating the goat cheese so it doesn't melt directly into the mashed potatoes. Incorporating the goat cheese into cooled mashed potatoes gives the dish an interesting texture and flavor burst to the palate

Make sure the potato shell is cooled before you fill it with the
mashed potato and goat cheese mixture so you’ll get nice crispness from the outside potato shell and a warm and creamy taste from the truffled goat cheese mashed potatoes inside.