Look, We're Not The Same Person

Why do some people find it so hard to remember who's who among the Asian women they know?  Those of us who work on TV here in Chicago are often called by each other's names.  I seldom go an entire work week without someone calling me either Linda, Nesita, Judy, Joanie, or even Connie. 

By the way, I am on the right in this picture.  Joanie Lum of Fox Chicago is on the left.  Ironically, she used to work at WGN and I used to work at Fox Chicago.  Perhaps that's among the factors fueling even more confusion.

Just today, I got a notification about being tagged in some Facebook pictures.  I clicked on the link to find some great pictures of Judy Hsu from ABC7.  The person who posted has since untagged me.  But I wasn't offended or surprised by the mistake.  It was clearly unintentional.  I just wonder why there's such confusion.  And it's not just with Asians.  I've heard African-Americans, Hispanics and others mention similar experiences.

Things were much the same when I worked on TV in New York.  But there, I was often called Kaity or Cindy.  Kaity Tong is with WPIX-TV and Cindy Hsu works at WCBS.  

Here's the Chicago lowdown:  Linda Yu and Judy Hsu are on ABC7, Nesita Kwan is on NBC5, Joanie Lum is at Fox Chicago and Connie Chung has been semi-retired for years.  There are days in which Judy Wang is reporting on WGN when I'm also working.  But she has lighter hair and is taller.  Just about everyone is taller than Big Tiny, even many middle schoolers.