William Balfour has been found guilty in the Hudson murders case.

Balfour was found guilty on all counts of murder, home invasion, armed robbery and kidnapping and faces mandatory life in prison. He showed no emotion when the verdict was announced, but his family cried.

His attorney, Amy Thompson, said she would file a motion for a new trial on June 8 and would be preparing an appeal as well. "There are very strong issues of law," she said. "We do have hope."

Thompson said she didn't think Hudson's celebrity had any impact on verdict. "I think the jury was paying attention. They didn't seem too interested in the coming and goings of people in the courtroom, including Miss Hudson," she said.

State's Attorney Anita Alvarez said the evidence in the case, though largely circumstantial, was "overwhelmingly." She noted that there were 80 prosecution witnesses and more than 500 pieces of evidence entered.

"There was never a rush to judgment," Alvarez said. "We are very, very happy with the verdict in this case."

Alvarez said the Hudson family "are relieved. . .This verdict cannot bring back their loved ones but we hope this brings them some justice."

The third day of jury deliberations in the murder trial began Friday morning.

The jury had two requests as deliberations began.  They requested the video from a high school that shows Balfour's green Chrysler.  They also requested video of the William Balfour interrogation at Area 1 police headquarters.

The judge responded with a note that read:

"I apologize for the delay. I am giving you the two videos requested, as well as stipulations regarding this evidence."

The 12-member panel is working to decide if the former brother-in-law of singer Jennifer Hudson is guilty or innocent in the murders of her mother, brother, and 7-year old nephew.

Jurors began Wednesday and have been deliberating for 13 hours today..

During the two week trial, prosecutors called 83 witnesses.

Some experts say it's a circumstantial case with no DNA or fingerprints tying Balfour to the crime.