We had the famous actor Larry Hagman on our show today. He starred in "I dream of Jeannie" and "Dallas". He seemed as nice as could be. However, he is a little quirky. For instance, he is afraid of germs. So, instead of shaking hands he bumps elbows. I have to believe that gets tricky when you are a star of his caliber and so many people want to shake your hand. But that's what he does. He offers you an elbow. Another quirk of his is that he tries to take one day a week where he doesn't speak a word. He is silent all day.

Now this is a brilliant idea that I would like for everyone to consider. Wouldn't it make the world a better place if all of you would just take one day a week and not say a word. Just listen. I have to believe this could very well make the world a better place. It could also allow me to get a few words in without being interrupted. Some of you should consider doubling up on the challenge. Maybe you go a whole week without a word. Boy, talk about bringing peace on earth? Anyway, it's just an idea. A great one too.

Hagman's quirks made me think of my coworkers oddball behavior. I thought you would enjoy hearing them. Here are just a few.

Larry Potash insists on wearing thigh high nylons when we go golfing together. He says it helps him with his concentration and makes him stand up straighter. He used to wear them on the air under his suit but they made him too hot and so he quit wearing them. When I say hot, I meant temperature hot...not sexy hot.

Robin Baumgarten has a nervous tick that causes her to light things on fire approximately once every 3 weeks. She is a pyromaniac of sorts. Two years ago she lit Larry's hairpiece on fire while it was in his makeup tray in the make up room. Larry was furious and she blamed it on an electrical short of some kind. Larry spent over $100 dollars on the thing and his insurance did not cover it. He was very angry and I understand why.

Dean Richards sleeps on top of his desk each day for 25 minutes. It is odd and people have asked him to sleep under his desk. However, he says that he is afraid of the dark and can't sleep down there. Thankfully, he keeps his suit on. Sometimes you can see him in the background during reports from the newsroom during the Noon Show. Everyone has just kind of gotten used to it.

Valerie Warner's quirk is that she shouts down men who are shorter than her...and then challenges them to wrestle in the newsroom. There are only 3 guys shorter than her and they are really embarrassed and fed up with the taunting and being thrown to the floor. I promise if it happens again, Val will be fired. She has a mouth on her and is a pretty quick wrestler.

Pat Tomasulo, Ana Belaval and I all have little ticks...but nothing like this crazy stuff. These guys make Hagman look normal.