Adams Division:

with the Patrick Division made up the Wales Conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference starting with the 1993-94 season.

All-Star Game:

a mid-season exhibition game pitting selected stars of North American origin against selected stars from the rest of the world; from 1969 to 1997, the game was played between representatives from the NHL's two conferences.


the pass or passes which immediately precede a successful scoring attempt; a maximum of two assists are credited for one goal.

attacking zone:

the area between the opponents' blue line and their goal.


an attempt by a player, on his way back to his defensive zone, to regain the puck from the opposition by checking or harassing an opponent who has the puck.

backhand shot:

a shot or pass made with the stick from the left side by a right-handed player or from the right side by a left-handed player.

beat the defense:

to get by one or both of the defensemen.

beat the goalie:

to outwit the goalie and score a goal.

behind the net:

the area of ice behind the goal cage is legal territory.

blind pass: