December 27: Midday Fix - Pampering Mom

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10:44 AM EDT, May 28, 2012


Nicole Pearl

Nicole's Suggestions:

HadleyStilWell dress and/or tops
This line is designed specifically for nursing moms who are professionals and who are on the go. It's often hard to find clothes that are cute, easy for breastfeeding and appropriate for the office. This is a great solution for the modern mom.

Eye treatment
Sleepless nights are par for the course when you're a mom, and dark circles are the biggest giveaway. Olay Total Effects Dark Minimizing Brush is a necessity because it treats and blurs the appearance of shadows.

When there's hardly time to brush your teeth, makeup is not top of mind. These are the two essentials that give you maximum payoff with minimum effort. CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain warms up the face and lasts the day. Dr. Jart Beauty Balm, which happens to have been used on model's skin during the Spring 2012 fashion week, is a tinted moisturizer, sunscreen and treatment serum in one. It's everything you need for the day in one product and seriously feels like nothing on your skin.

Coffee helps you get through the day and often becomes part of your daily routine to ensure you get outside and have some adult interaction. But, after a while, it shows in your smile. I'm a fan of Crest white strips because they're a simple, affordable at-home solution to maintaining healthy looking teeth.

Bootie Pies
I'm obsessed with these boots for winter. Moms don't have a lot of time for themselves, so when they do, it's always a pleasure to pamper themselves with a pedicure. These bootie pies are perfect for the winter weather because the toe part has a flap you pull down. So instead of putting on flimsy flip flops, you slip your feet into these cozy boots, get your toes painted and then don't have to waste time waiting for your toes to dry, which is essential for busy moms.

Mama Mio Bootcamp for Tummies is a kit that includes an exercise video created to get your tummy back in shape. It takes 4 minutes a day for 30 days to see results and it's paired with two body products made to help tone and shape the middle.