November 9: Focus On Family - Toy Suggestions From Kidwinks
Jean and Nina brought with them today some of the toys and games you can find at the Fair this year. They will be holding a contest on their website to give away one each of these toys, and you can find out how to enter by clicking here.

Chicago Toy and Game Fair Preview

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Chicago Toy and Game Fair Preview

Parents are always looking for family friendly entertainment ideas, and is the source many of them turn to. Jean Lemke and Nina Taluc, co-founders of, are here today to give you a preview of one of the upcoming events found on the kidwinks Events Calendar: The Chicago Toy and Game Fair , which is coming to Navy Pier November 20th & 21st. This is the only toy and game fair open to the general public, and it offers families a chance to sample the hottest new toys and games, meet some of the inventors, and enjoy the lineup of live entertainment.

Jean and Nina brought with them today some of the toys and games you can find at the Fair this year. They will be holding a contest on their website to give away one each of these toys, and you can find out how to enter by clicking here. For many more ideas on year-round and seasonal kid-friendly events and activities, restaurants where kids eat free, and more, visit, a terrific website that gathers the best of Chicago area family fun into one easily searchable database.


Little Green Money Machine The Little Green Money Machine is a really cool business stand that you can customize with your own name. Kids in Business Around the World is a fun book that helps you figure out which business to start and how to do it!

By: DelVisionaries Type: Educational Cost: $199 Ages: Kids thru teens

Eleminis Eleminis is a fast and fun card game where players race to collect all 5 mini elements - Fire, Plant, Air, Water, and Rock. Each Elemini has certain properties that make it stronger than two of the other Eleminis.

By: SmileyPop Type: Card Game Cost: $14,99 Ages: 7+

Word on the Street Junior brings the excitement of Word on the Street to the entire family! Each turn, one team flips over a category card and team members quickly brainstorm words that fit the category.

By: Out of the Box Type: Board Game Cost: $19.99 Ages: 8+ (but the team aspect of the game makes it easy for younger children to participate and enjoy the game with older team members)

Triviathon Triviathon will have players singing, dancing, arm wrestling, cheering, cheating, and more as they try to win a race moving at speeds of 0, 1, 2, or 3 spaces based on trivia questions they don't even have to know the answers to - Just answer A,B,C, or D! By: Jeezle Pete's Type: Board - Trivia Cost: $29.99 Ages: 8+

Top Trumps Award-winning Top Trumps brings the classic card game 'war' into the 21st century. It features stats, pictures and amazing facts that will turn a kid's favorite topic into hours of fun.

By: Top Trumps Type: Card Game Cost: $7.50 Ages: 6+

Truth or Dare Pull cards from Kubit2me's pockets. Will it be truth or dare? You decide (or someone else will!). Score a point & grab a glitter bracelet from Kubit2me's hidden compartment.

By: Kubit2me Type: Interactive Cost: $19.99 Ages: 8+


Zibits Robots & Power Lab Welcome to the world of Zibits mini-r/c robots! Combining R/C with 12 collectable miniature robot designs, Zibits are getting ready to take the world by storm.

Chicken Cha Cha Cha

This is a fun memory game for preschoolers and up. Each chicken cha chas to catch each of their opponents without being caught themself. Their reward for remembering what's in the barnyard and catching another chicken is tail feathers.

Dado Planks Dado Planks are durable, building plastic planks featuring precise notches which can connect and interlock with the other pieces to build all sorts of cool configurations.

Stranded Stranded™ is a fast-paced light strategy game where being last will make you first. Players remove randomly placed game pieces from the platform in hopes of trapping their opponents.

Reptangles Flip, slide, turn, connect, combine, build with Fat Brain's newest construction toy! Clever, colorful turtles snap & slide together in over 100 incredible ways!

Sky High Scoops Listen carefully for what color and how many scoops to stack next. The wrong move can topple the whole sundae. A fun game for preschoolers who are learning colors and developing their motor skills.

Telestrations Telestrations is the visual equivalent of the classic school-yard game "telephone." It's a fun-filled sketching game in which everyone's attempts at "art" can turn hilarious.


3D Sneaky Singin' Sea Creatures Puzzle With 3D being one of the hottest trends around, the Singin' Sea Creatures 3D puzzle is sure to fascinate. This 46-piece vibrant floor puzzle is full of surprises!

5 Second Rule It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs-but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down, and with the other players staring at you, waiting for you to get flustered?

7 ate 9 It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Players add, or subtract, 1, 2, or 3 to the number on the top card on the pile to determine if they have a card that can be played next.

Aba-Conundrums Aba-Conundrums give logic and reasoning room to move as children slide into real mathematical success!


The Story . . . The river is rising and the rapids are raging! Can you help the animals to safety by solving the puzzle? AnimaLogic is a brilliant new puzzle game that will have children working their brain overtime to solve these wonderfully smart safari stumpers!

Baby GoGo Goes Home Welcome home Baby GoGo™! This adorable 13-inch baby doll comes dressed in soft, cozy pajamas and a hat. Children can tuck Baby GoGo™ in with a warm blankie included.

Battle Bands Bands - Collect, Stretch and Destroy! In this easy-to-learn, quick-playing game, two players take turns attempting to score points by launching their Battle Bands at the Battle Mat.

Beadecked Forget regular card decks. BEADECKED™ is the BEADCARD deck! 108 Bead Cards each featuring a beadutiful bead. 5 shapes, 4 colors, 3 patterns. Match 2 of the 3 to make beadazzling strings of beads!

Bed Bugs Game Bed Bugs, a motorized frantic catch and capture game, will drive you buggy--just like it first did back in 1985!

Dominion You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams!

Gingerbread Shape Sorter Cute cottage contains 6 holes that match 6 chunky candy shapes. An engaging way to explore shape recognition, spatial reasoning, color recognition, fine motor skills and imaginative play.

Gridiron Football Card Game Gridiron Football is a realistic fun-filled game that captures the excitement of actually playing football. The game is easy-to-learn as it follows the same rules as football.

Lil' Scholars Pull cards from Kubit2me's pockets, and your child will learn letters, sounds, and build vocabulary skills with ABC cards, and number recognition, counting, and sequencing skills with 123 cards. Kubit2me's hidden inner compartment holds colorful reward stickers!

Now You're Talkin' It's a high-energy game of self expression and social interaction, where thought-provoking questions get tossed from player to player! A non-competitive game that encourages open & honest communication about engaging topics, where every player's opinion is important and valued!

Piratissimo Several pirate ships cruise the seas, on the lookout for precious hidden treasure. It's a matter of honor to discover it, load it on board, and to be the first to bring it into the harbour – despite competition from the other pirates, tornados and the seal of fate.

Primary Science Set Real science tools perfectly sized for little hands. Ten double-sided Activity Cards cover science process skills, living and nonliving things, physical science, senses and more.

Roman Town The award winning Roman Town, from Dig-It! Games, is a truly innovative educational game. It's the only game that lets you be a real archaeologist.

Split Decision You'll have fun choosing between these unique pairings: Medieval Torture Device or Bed Bath & Beyond Gadget? Celebrity Baby Name or Computer Virus? Military Operation or Cat Litter Brand? And many more!

Square Shooters Dice Game SQUARE SHOOTERS® is a complete deck of playing cards on dice! Each die has 6 faces. Nine dice together have 54 faces – a complete deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 jokers. You can use SQUARE SHOOTERS® to play almost any game you usually play with cards! Of course, you can make up your own new games!

Storybook Pillows Where storytime and bedtime become oneTM - in a charming plush pillow that's an entire classic storybook. Everyone's favorite childhood books in pillow form.

Sturdy Birdy Reggie the Pigeon dreams of a life in the circus as a high wire acrobat. Now he needs your help to perfect 12 poses to "land" his dream job.

Terri Lee Dolls Terri Lee Dolls have been America's Sweetheart since 1946. Her sophisticated taste for mid-century fashion and long easily style-able hair make her the perfect best friend for any little girl.

Viva Topo! Which mouse family doesn't want to live in a cheesy paradise world? A possibly perilous expedition leads you to a fantasy land filled with delicious pieces of cheese.

Zoowaboo Splash! And Eddie Elephant lands in the water. The animals on the raft giggle. The raft only had enough room left for the chicken! In this exciting game, you must guess how many animals will fit onto the raft.