On tonight's WGN News at Five, I'm checking out a new gym in Naperville with an environmentally-friendly angle.

It's called Eco Gym. Not only are there solar panels on the roof and lights that turn off when nobody is in the room, but they're using treadmills that create energy to power the building and beyond.

Members are encouraged to use the gym as much as possible. In fact, that have a "Flexible Rate Plan" which charges members less money the more times they visit. Workout 40 times a month and you'll pay less than $6. Workout 30 times and you'll pay $9.

We spoke to the guys behind the facility about how it works and their plans for the future. Catch it on the WGN News at Five and right here on the blog after it airs!

You can visit Eco Gym for yourself here...

Eco Gym | 1265 S. Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL | 630-718-9800 | ecogymworldwide.com