Defense rests in Peterson trial

The defense in the Drew Peterson trial rested Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier in the day Peterson's son, Thomas, testify on Wednesday in his father's murder trial.

   Thomas' mother was Kathleen Savio, the woman Peterson is accused of killing in March 2004. Her body was found in her house in a dry bathtub.

   Earlier Wednesday morning, the judge ruled the defense can call on attorney Harry Smith to take the stand.  

   Smith has said Peterson's missing fourth wife, Stacy, asked him about extorting money from Peterson in her planned divorce. She apparently threatened to tell police about what she knew about Savio's death.

   A previous witness, Rev. Neil Schori, was the pastor to Stacy Peterson.

   Schori claimed she told him during a counseling session Drew returned home late one night, was dressed in black, and found women's clothing in the washing machine. 

   Once Thomas Peterson testifies, the defense may rest its case, and closing arguments could begin as early as Friday.