CPS asks charter school networks to take over failing schools

   Chicago Public Schools is considering asking charter school networks to take over several under-enrolled or under-performing schools.

   There are several under-enrolled and underperforming schools throughout the city with 123,000 students.

   Charter schools are publicly funded, but privately operated. They have more leeway to try new teaching methods, and their students have shown dramatic improvements in standardized test scores.

   There are 13 United Neighborhood Organization charter schools in Chicago. The successful charter schools could be asked to take charge of the failing CPS schools.

   "It's a much better option that just shutting down a school completely. Just being able to give it a second life, and looking at charters as that option that families can have in those buildings," said U.N.O. charter schools C.E.O. Juan Rangel.

   In the past, the Chicago Teachers' Union has been against the expansion of charter schools, as they are non-union facilities.