CPS announces strike make-up days for students
Chicago Public Schools have announced the make-up days for the seven school days lost during the teacher strike.

For students on a traditional schedule, which is most of the system, the make-up days are:
  • January 3 and 4
  • Presidents Day, February 18
  • June 19 - 21
The new last day of school will be Monday, June 24.

The make-up days for students on a year-round schedule are:
  • October 15-19
  • President’s Day, February 18
The new last day for them will be Wednesday, June 19.

The new calendar also adds more professional development time for teachers, including 6 half-days for students. Spring break is one week earlier, March 25-29.


The changes are causing problems for some parents.


Dr. Dane Chetkovich, who has two children at Edgebrook Elementary, already booked a spring break vacation to Mexico based on the old calendar. Chetkovich says changing his family’s travel plans will cost hundreds of dollars.


“These calendar changes are another example of decisions being made without respect to parents, families, and the kids in the schools. I think it’s just insult to injury,” said Chetkovich.


CPS officials say the move was necessary to make sure there are enough instructional days in each school quarter.


"EVERY single day counts,” said schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard, in a statement. “ These changes to the school calendar ensure our students continue to benefit from more quality time in the classroom in front of our teachers."


For more information: www.cps.edu