As more job seekers face off for employment in a competitive market, some are turning to a few cosmetic tools of the trade to boost their confidence and gain an edge ... without going under the knife or spending the money they are trying to save!

Dr. Geoffrey Fenner, Plastic Surgeon: "I think as far as cosmetic procedures go, there's no question that the non-invasive procedures have become incredibly popular."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Fenner says even as more people tighten up their spending in the economic downturn ... a recent American Society of Plastic Surgery survey shed light on a cosmetic upturn.

Dr. Geoffrey Fenner: "The national trend for plastic surgery procedures, actual surgical procedures, was down about nine percent because of the economy. However, the minimally invasive procedures were actually up five percent. They found that 73 percent of women, especially in these tough economic times, thought that their appearance and a more youthful look would aid in getting hired, getting a promotion, and doing better in front of their sales clients."

When going face to face with other job seekers ... a little Botox, some fillers, a chemical peel or microdermabrasion can help slow the signs of aging.

Dr. Fenner: "It's a youthful culture and job market today, and they want to stand toe-to-toe with people in the board room, on the interview trail, and in front of sales clients."

Joanna Levine faces clients weekly. To maintain a more youthful appearance the 39-year-old software salesperson had a chemical peel, microdermabrasion and a shot of botox.

Joanna Levine: "What's important to me is the least amount of downtime and something that is affordable."

The price for a more youthful look? A chemical peel runs $80 to $100. Microdermabrasion is $150. And if you're willing to spend a little more ... a laser treatment to tighten and smooth skin is about $900.

Joanna Levine: "I'm not ready to take the steps doing anything procedural ... I don't want to look any different. I want to look like a better me, healthier, rested, those things."

Kate Mueller, Esthetician, Fenner Plastic Surgery: "That might be starting with, for some patients, just an at-home skin care routine to really brighten up their skin and make them feel more confident. If they're looking to really improve for the long term, really get their money's worth in one treatment, I'm going to use a deeper penetrating chemical, like Glycolic, that can go to the dermal layer and really encourage collagen production to smooth the skin."

The trick is to stick with it ... to see the best results patients need to keep up with a skin care routine.

Kate Mueller: "I think as long as you can keep up with it, or at least for about six treatments stick with it, you will see some long-term smoothness in your fine lines and some deeper wrinkles."

Joanna Levine: "I think it makes a difference in how confident you are. If you think you look good you'll feel good."

It's important to do your homework before undergoing any procedure. Ask your friends and even your primary care physician to recommend a good plastic surgeon. And look for a responsive support staff as well.