Cook County considers plan for cameras in courtrooms

Since the beginning of the year some Illinois courts have been part of a pilot program which allows cameras in the courtroom.

Officials met Tuesday to discuss bringing cameras to cook county courtrooms.

Since the Illinois Supreme Court announced the pilot program in January,  13 counties have been participating.

Cook county has remained in limbo while Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans seeks to find a plan that works well in Cook county because it is the largest court system in the country and maybe the world.

The state supreme court has stipulated that Chicago media entities will have to begin working together through pool cameras and other forms of shared information to make the process less intrusive.

Cook county courtroom could begin using cameras by the end of the year, though now specific timeline has been determined.

The policy will prohibit cameras from showing juvenile, divorce, adoption, child custody or cases of a sexual nature.

The name and identify of the victim is to always be protected.