El Barco

1035 N. Ashland
(773) 486-6850


Try it: Red Snapper

Brittney's take: I love Mexican food!!  I have been waiting all year to do a Mexican episode and it finally came.  Once of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the city is El Barco Mariscos.   With El Barco, owner Rich Gutierrez wanted to give people what he calls "real Mexican cuisine."  As a native of Mexico City, and surrounded by water, he grew up eating fresh seafood and that's what he wanted to give his customers.  So at El Barco, although you can get some chicken and steak, the starts on the menu are the fresh seafood.

From the shrimp quesadilla, fresh seafood civiche, and guacamole to the whole red snapper.  Every dish I tried to amazing with tons of flavor and fresh ingredients.  And the portions are huge, so you will for sure leave with leftovers. 

Not only is the food great but the decor makes it even better.  The restaurant is shaped like a boat on the outside and inside the walls and ceiling are lined with fish.  Their is so much to look at including the wall full of tequila.  Forget the Patron, at El Barco they have a collection of tequila that Gutierrez has been collection for over 30 years.  Its impressive and I suggest to try one or two.  Just make sure to take a cab home!