Break in case of bride slain on wedding night

There is a break in the case of a southwest suburban bride murdered hours after her wedding. Police have the car they believe was used in the killing.

The 2006 black Maserati was recovered during an unrelated federal drug investigation targeting the brother of the groom. It's at the Burbank police department, being processed by evidence techs from the Illinois State Police.

Police have been looking for the Maserati since May, when Estrella Carrera was found stabbed to death in her Burbank bathtub, still wearing her wedding dress. Investigators believe she was killed in the car by her new husband, Arnoldo Jimenez.

The Maserati was found in his brother's garage, when an FBI SWAT team kicked in the door. Police say the car wasn't there during their prior visits to the home, and while it may have been moved around to keep it away from investigators, documents filed in federal court suggest only a cursory effort was made to clean it up. There's a significant amount of blood inside.

It's a major break for police as they build their case against the runaway groom. Jimenez is believed to have fled to Mexico.