January 6: Author - Beth Aldrich, Real Moms Love to Eat
Beth Aldrich

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Real Moms Love to Eat: How to Conduct a Love Affair with Food, Lose Weight and Feel Fabulous

Beth's Tips:

Hide nourishing ingredients that you might not normally eat into a smoothie! Try adding kale, spinach, or beet chard. The potent taste mellows out when you add the fruit. It's a sort of bait-and-switch dietary trick you play on yourself -- and the perfect way to introduce more greens into your diet! The more you make these, the more fiber your taking in, making you feel more full longer. It also provides you with more energy which makes you feel better. Eventually, you'll even start craving the taste of those greens!

It's ok to still have your food pleasures -- just in moderation!
The more you deprive yourself of something, the more you will eat it. You don't need to overeat, emotionally eat, or stuff in food you don't really like when everything about the meal is thought-out and beautiful. Every time you eat, you can make it an event, a ritual, and an act of love. Treat food with that kind of respect as you treat yourself with respect and you're on the right road to looking and feeling great.

Manage Your Stress
This is key to losing weight. When you are stressed your body releases cortisol which can increase your appetite can make you crave sweets and simple carbs like chips and cookies. Next thing you know you are 10 lbs up. Consider doing yoga, exercising more, and incorporate deep breathing exercises daily.

Drink Wisely
Calories can really add up in drinks but don't give up anything you love! If you love soda, think about how much lighter, better, more energetic, and classier you will feel if you swap even one of your daily sodas for club soda with a splash of fresh juice. Or lighten up your morning OJ with club soda and a wedge of fresh orange. Yum!

Stay away from those frozen microwavable "diet" meals
They are a sodium trap, don't taste good and will leave you wanting more food anyway.

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