Anupy's Life After Television


Former Chicago reporter and anchor Anupy Singla is a busy gal and I love running into her.  But she left WGN before I joined the station and, these days, it's hard to keep up with her because things are really cooking in her life.  Anupy has a fantastic blog, Indian As Apple Pie, a beautiful cookbook, "The Indian Slow Cooker", and an innovative spice box product now being offered by Williams-Sonoma.   I caught up with her yesterday as she did a cooking demo in Long Grove.


Do you miss television?

I do.  I don't miss all the politicking and the newsroom.  But I miss being on a story and interviewing and just being in the middle of things.


But don't you have a pretty exciting life now?

It's fun.  What I love is the aspect of dealing with food.  Because when you're in a breaking news situation, reporting on a story, there's people who love you and people that don't necessarily love you.  But with food, it's hard not to please everyone so that's the fun part.


Do you feel like you have the right balance in your life now?

My kids think I'm working a lot but what I try to do is pull my kids into the day-to-day.  Like this morning, I got up to prep and cook.  My 8-year-old, I had her cook and roast the corn.  She left the cartoons to come into the kitchen and do that with me.  We explained the spice box that we developed to the kids.  We told them, "This is how much we paid for it.  This is how much we might sell it for."  We just involve them in all of the mathematical business side.


How big is the Williams-Sonoma deal?

I am still pinching myself.  I'm happy for myself and it's great but I want other people to take it as an example of what you can do.  Take an idea, chip away at it every single day and keep at it.  So many people told me "no" along the way.  Just focus on what you want to do.  Be honest and ethical along the way and you will get there.


Do you think you'll get back into TV someday?

It's funny that you ask.  We're shooting a cooking show with three of my former co-workers.  We're hoping that once we get it together, we can pitch it to whoever wants to look at it.  It's based on Indian food made easy.  How can we blow away the misnomer that Indian food is exotic?  It's really not.