Arnie Fielkow Won't Run for Mayor
City Council President Arnie Fielkow says he will not run for mayor of New Orleans.

As far as New Orleans voters are concerned, Arnie Fielkow's decision not to run, opens the way for a political free-for-all. The three other candidates running include State Senator Ed Murray, State Representative Austin Badon and housing advocate James Perry.

Fielkow arguably is one of the more well known people who had been considering running. People we spoke to say Fielkow and Mitch Landrieu, whom many speculated would run, are the only two names they recognized. Now that they're both out, these folks aren't too sure who they'd like to see take office. Allison Swift says, "Nothing surprises me in New Orleans politics right now so we'll just see what happens with the candidates."

But one things for sure, many of these people do know what issues they'd like to see addresses by whoever takes office next year. New Orleans resident Jeff Faughnan explains, "I think economic growth policy, zoning policy and integrity and ethics issues I'd like to all see be addressed by the new mayor." While Kelvin Langlois adds, "I think just the overall business development in town would be what I would hope they would do."

No matter who takes office, many residents say they're just interested in the end resultÂ….a better New Orleans.

For his part, Arnie Fielkow says instead of running for mayor, he will focus on re-election to this city council seat. The deadline for people to enter the mayoral race is this December.