Bars Prep For Big Partying Weekend
Preparations are already underway downtown where bars are anticipating big crowds this weekend, ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

Beer distributor George Berlier says, "I had 12 today and a couple other drivers had 32 and another one has 28." He's talking about how many deliveries he and his co-workers have had to make Friday. It comes as bars around the city stock up for Super Bowl frenzy.

Bartender Meaghan Faherty explains, "We are expecting a huge crowd, I think we're expecting what we saw last weekend which was crazy busy."

Bar owners are not only expecting big sales on the big day, but the week leading up to it as well. Which means now is the time to stock up. Another beer distributor notes, "They're going to order a lot for sure."

A number of places actually ran out of beer Sunday night after the NFC Championship game. But few thought that would carry over into the next week. But Thursday night, the Howlin' Wolf came close, they say it's because of Who Dat hysteria. Manager Stu Schayot says, "We've had several nights over the past few weeks where the crowd is actually cheering Who Dat louder than they're cheering for the band."

So they've learned their lesson and purchased a lot more beer for this weekend and next. Over at Lucy's, they're stocked up and hoping for the best. "We hope not to, but you know you just never know" Faherty says.