VooDoo looking to overcome challenges, beat Arizona

Saturday night, the VooDoo takes on Arizona. The Rattlers are tied for the most wins in arena football with seven. New Orleans has already exceeded last season's win total of three, but head coach Pat O'Hara says there's much more to do.

At the end of practice Tuesday, wide receiver Josh Bush gave an impassioned speech to his teammates. His message: practice must be great, so it can carry over into the games.

"This is the time of the season as an Arena Football team that you have to play your best football," Bush told WGNO Sports. "It is important for us to come out this week, it's a big challenge for us, and have a great game."

The VooDoo won 3 games all of last season. They've already won 4 including 3 at home, but that improvement is yet to resonate at the ticket window.

Last week, about 3,000 fans came through the turnstiles to watch the VooDoo rally and beat Orlando. A former West Jeff Buccaneer and LSU Tiger says if you win, they will come.

Number 99, defensive lineman Marlon Favorite says winning changes everything: "When I was at LSU for a time, we had more fans than the Saints and that was because once the Saints started to win, people started to latch on to it. It's human nature. We love our fans, but we have to do a lot more winning, and they will come out."

"Our division is so tight right now," says coach O'Hara. "We are right there even at 4-5. Winning at home. We've had some success at home. We need our fans to come out and support us. If they do that, we'll have a good night."

The VooDoo is currently a game and half behind the division leaders, the Georgia Force.

Tuesday, Pittsburgh fired its head coach and promoted assistant Derek Stingley to head coach. Stingley was fired by the VooDoo last season.