There's Something Stupid About Mary Pt II

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Just when I thought it was safe to look at my google alerts again, up pops another pearl of muddied wisdom from Senator Mary Landrieu. Seriously folks, if they give Emmy’s out for TV greatness and Grammy’s for music, what do they give for financial ignorance like Landrieu’s? Oh I know “Dummies”.

Landrieu recently told delegates at the Mississippi Delta Grassroots Caucus that the poorest counties in these United States, needed a break from the Federal Leviathan. Why, it is so unfair for them to send their share of  “taxes into Washington and then they have hell getting them back.”

Now in most civilized places this is known as theft, but of course if you are an A-List political hack who has spent a career conditioning a parasite class to receive the benevolence only you can deliver, this is called “public service.”

Landrieu’s reasoning in this 131st episode of “How I Met America The Brokest Nation in History” is that these poor counties have to put up their own money to gain a “match” in stolen Federal booty. The only solution we are then told by the political Bernice Madoff of the Bayou is to eliminate the match or create a “sliding scale” for the “benefits based on wealth.”

“Hey Mary, how about showing us what is behind door number 3!? You know, the old, how about we stop the Federal Government from stealing our wealth in the first place!?”

I can hear the Lib Chorus now, well, Mister Church, that’s the problem with you “conservatives”, always thinking of your silly common sense solutions to our system of wealth redistribution.

Let me ask you a question in return? “Aren’t the problems of poverty and education in this fair state problems OUR citizens can and should work out on our own?” Well yes we should, but then we wouldn’t need federal nannies like Landrieu around, gee, I just answered my own question.

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