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Let me toss some adjectives your way and see if you can guess who I am: Greedy, money-grubbing, inconsiderate, sellout. Did you guess: a Wall Street CEO? Nice try.

I am of course talking about Senator Mary Landrieu who has thrown an all too predictable hissy fit over Governor Jindal’s decision to forego $60 million in federal “grants” for what our ruling elite call “early education.”

Back in the day, most folks would have called “early education” by its traditional name: parenting, child rearin’ maybe even “raisin’ young’ns,” but of course none of those will earn you millions in  “federal grants” and the laundry list of federal strings that come attached.

You can forgive Senator Landrieu for her federally funded eyes being bigger than our federally bankrupted bellies because the woman lives to outperform expectations of fiscal boneheadedness. Recall that 207 years of goodwill and affectionate name association towards this state was wiped out in one moment of wanton revelry in the federal money pit when Landrieu negotiated the new “Louisiana Purchase” which coated the former deal in slime so thick it had network execs at Nickoledeon asking for the recipe.

Landrieu, ever the wordsmith, tried to guilt trip Jindal into taking the federal bribe writing, “As you are most certainly aware, one-third of all children under the age of 5 in Louisiana live in poverty.” Yes, and if Jindal takes Landrieu’s bait, there will be even more living in poverty when the bill, plus the interest on the borrowed money comes due and Tee Who Dat’s have to pay it back.

You see folks, Senator Landrieu has apparently been napping through what responsible citizens of this country call “the debt crisis.” WE’RE BROKE. There is also the the issue of whether the federal subsidy of “early education” creates any thing other than more poverty to be subsidized in the future.

A far more reasonable solution to this “problem” can be found in archaic institutions forgotten by libs like Landrieu: marriage and two parent families, whose voting allegiance is not up for purchase. Sorry Mary.

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