The Saints are America's Team

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What a great football game last night.  At least that's what America thought.  Over 17 million people watched the Green Bay Packers edge the Saints in a game that literally went down to the wire.  Went down to the last play with no time on the clock. 

As you all know, the Saints came up a foot short.  A foot and a 2 point conversion short of forcing overtime.  It was a game for the ages.   As a matter of fact, nationwide, only one regular season game in the last 13 seasons had more people watching. 

America loves the Saints.  The home team is the number one seller of NFL murchandise league wide.  More folks in America buy Saints garb over any other team.  That includes the Cowboys too.  Americas team, at least right now, is the Saints. 

And don't let last night's last second loss ruin your day.  It's early September.   The Saints have 15 regular season games left.  Plenty of time to win a bunch of games, win the division, make the playoffs, win in the playoffs and make the Super Bowl.   The sky truly is the limit. 

Green Bay is a very good team, but so are the Saints. Even short handed. No Will Smith, no Lance Moore, no Garrett Hartley, the Saints hung with the defending Super Bowl champs on their field, and actually almost won the game. 

There's a lot of football left to be played.  Months and months.  And the Saints have as good a chance as any team in the league to make and win the Super Bowl.  Any team.  So bring on the Bears in the Dome a week from this Sunday and tee it up.  Because even with last night's loss to Green Bay, the Saints are very good and this promises to be a memorable season. 

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