T Marcel Jones

Where are you right now?


“I’m at my apartment in Lincoln, Nebraska right now.”



And you are originally from Arizona?


“Yes, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.”



What brought you to Nebraska?


“They had a good program for football; they came out and recruited me. It was between Nebraska and Arizona State, and I just though that Nebraska was a better fit for me, so I came out here and had had a pretty good career. I’m looking forward to a new career in New Orleans.”



Carl Nicks, who has recently moved on from the Saints, was our most recent guy from Nebraska and had a lot of success. Are you guys familiar with one another and if so, what did you learn from him?


“Carl was at Nebraska during my redshirt freshman year. I remember watching Carl play the game and seeing just how physical he was, how big he was, he was just a monster on the field. Ever since I saw Carl and I came to Nebraska, I knew I wanted to be like that- I want to be a big dominant offensive lineman. It’s pretty ironic that Carl got drafted there in the fifth round and ended up earning a spot and some playing time. He’s off to a great career because he’s a great offensive lineman, and now I have the same opportunity and now it’s time to take advantage of it.”