Sue Dat! Saints Fans Sues Goodell, NFL

Season ticketholder David Mancina says he loves the Black and Gold so much, that he's willing to sue for his New Orleans Saints.

Mancina is filing a $5-million class-action suit against the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell, because he says season ticket holders like him aren't getting what they paid for now that the Saints are playing as their head coach, assistant head coach and GM are suspended for their roles in a pay for hits bounty program.

Mancina says the league should have communicated to fans that players and coaches could face suspensions before fans plunked down thousands for season seats.

“The NFL was not up front when I bought my tickets”, said Mancina Tuesday from his Mandevile home.

“It'd be like buying tickets to go see the Rolling Stones in February for a performance in the fall, and Mick Jagger's not there.”

The Saints have endured a heartbreaker of a year so far, losing their first four games before finally getting their first win last week.

This week the Saints continue to make legal news, as a judge Tuesday ordered Goodell to show documents related to the bounty scandal.

The ruling came after suspended linebacker Jonathan Vilma re-filed a federal suit against the league, asking for his suspension to be overturned.

Mancina's hoping for a win for Vilma, and for himself.

He's inviting every other season ticket holder to get in contact with his lawyer and pile on free of charge.

Mancina is being represented by New Orleans attorney Larry Wiedemann.