Sports Fans Watch Another High-Profile Coach Get Suspended
If you think New Orleans' only connection to Miami is the Saints' Super Bowl victory, then you need to catch a New Orleans Zephyrs game in Metairie.

The Zs are the Triple-A team for the Miami Marlins. And just like the Saints -- albeit on a less severe level -- a Marlins coach is facing a suspension.

Manager Ozzie Guillen told Time Magazine that he loves Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The comment was certain to raise eyebrows, but when you consider the Marlins play in Miami which is full of Cubans who left their home country to escape Castro, it is enraging to many people.

Guillen has said his comments were misunderstood, and he apologized.

"We're all subject to say silly things. And the man said what he said afterward. And I respect and I love him anyway," said one team cap-wearing Marlins fan who was attending Tuesday night's Zs game.

The Guillen suspension comes soon after the release of an audio tape of former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in which Williams is heard telling players to try to injure opponents before a playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers. Williams is suspended indefinitely from the league for his role in the Saints' bounty program.

Guillen's comments were made to a magazine, and Williams, while a documentary maker was rolling. In each case, it was the power of the internet that helped spread their words at the speed of Cyberspace.

At Tuesday's Z's game, fans say sport figures need to learn to watch their words in a high-tech world.

"People just don't know how to shut their mouths when the time comes," said one fan.

"It's modern technology. It's the day of the instant Twitter and tweets," said another.