Thursday night, the Edible Schoolyard program hopes to make $80,000. That's a lot of money, but history is on the program's side. Last year was the first for the fundraiser, and organizers expected about 200 people to attend. Instead, 650 people showed up.

"We have over 32 local restaurants with some of the best food in the city. Presqu'ile Wine is our official wine sponsor," said Donna Cavato, the Executive Director of the program.

Edible Schoolyard turns portions of a school's grounds into a garden. Kids learn about nutrition and growing food. They also build math, science, and other lessons around the garden. And the older kids learn to cook the food in their school's cafeteria.

The program started in Berkley, California. Four New Orleans schools are currently Edible Schoolyards, and organizers hope fundraisers like the one Thursday night will help the program expand.

The fundraiser is at Samuel Green Charter School on Valence Street. The school is also the flagship location for Edible Schoolyards in the city. For more information on tickets, check the Links Mentioned section of this website.