What follows is Ed's Ed-itoral for Wednesday, June 13th.

Saints Assistant Head Coach Joe Vitt says this might be the most talented football team we have ever had here.

And the odds makers, despite the off-season turmoil, say the Saints are again one of the top contenders in the NFC.

There are many variables to a Super Bowl run. Luck and injuries are two. And for the Saints, the elephant in the room is how the club performs without its leader, Head Coach Sean Payton.

But even with all of those potential potholes, the Saints are among ten teams that have a legit chance to win a Super Bowl.

In the NFC, those teams are the Packers, Giants, Eagles, 49ers, and Saints.

Buries underneath all of the negative publicity of the bounty scandal is this: In free agency, the Saints appear to have done quite well.

They signed defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley, a host of veteran linebackers, and Pro Bowl guard Ben Grubbs.

It's like the football version of Jack Canfield's Laws Of Attraction. The Saints have an excellent team with a top-shelf quarterback. Players want to come here.

When Vitt says the best since he's been here, he could be correct.