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Southern University should have known better than to invite Louis Farrakhan to campus

I have to admit I was a little shocked when I found out Southern University in Baton Rouge had nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan come speak at the school earlier this month. The Nation of Islam student association sponsored the event, but not without the blessing of Southern University and a little Louisiana tax payer money. 

The student government association and the Southern chancellor greeted Farrakhan at the podium at the FG Clark activity center like he was a respected, legitimate individual.  Problem is, he isn't.   Not even close.  

Louis Farrakhan is a racist and an anti-Semite and just like David Duke, he doesn't even attempt to hide his hatred. 

One would have thought at least one group of Southern students would have protested Farrakhan's event, but none did.  Could you imagine if David Duke would have been invited by LSU to speak on campus?!? There would have been protests by both black and white students.  Why?  Because David Duke is not a good guy. Because David Duke is a racist.   Because David Duke doesn't think the Holocaust took place.  

Honestly, besides skin color, how is Farrakhan any different?  Farrakhan isn't a hero of black America.  Farrakhan is a black David Duke wearing a Cap'n Crunch outfit.  And because of all of that, Southern University should have known better than to have welcomed Louis Farrakhan to campus.

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