Sean Payton speaks about his suspension

For the first time since his 1-year suspension was announced, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke about the Saints' bounty program.

Payton told reporters in Palm Beach, Florida that he would meet with his mentor, former Dallas Cowboys' head coach Bill Parcells, while he was in Florida, but Payton was vague on whether he would discuss Parcells coaching the Saints in 2012.

"I really called him more as just a mentor, someone to shoot some idea off of," Payton said. "That would be very consistent with what I do. Obviously, this is different, but I speak to him pretty regularly."

Payton said he will decide in the next two or three days whether he will appeal his suspension for his role in the Saints' bounty program. He said no NFL players were deliberately injured by the program, and he said he did not tell former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to "make the defense nasty."

WGNO Sports Director Ed Daniels asked Payton if he was surprised by the damning language used by the league to describe his actions.

"I haven't seen a copy of the report," responded Payton. "So it's hard for me to go through each item, line by line."

Payton said for the first time in 39 years he will not be a player or a coach this fall, but he is "100% certain" that he will return as a Saints coach in 2013.