Saints Assistant Head Coach & Linbackers Coach Joe Vitt

Jonathan Vilma wasn’t out there today. Is his absence a knee issue?

“We have this six-hour rule that we have to adhere to. We had to make the decision. We sat down and talked with him about it too. We have opted to have him at all of our meetings and all of our install meetings and then he is out there for the beginning of practice. Now, anywhere from six to eight minutes in to practice, he goes in and finishes his rehab. While he is rehabbing now, we go to our afternoon meetings. He is back in the meetings and sees the film of the whole practice. He has been here the whole day.”


Can you talk about moving Martez Wilson to defensive end?

“It is something we are going to look at here. As you follow Spags’ (Steve Spagnuolo) defense we have a lot of zone pressures now. It is going to call for a defensive end to drop into coverage. Martez has a pretty good foundation from being here a year ago with coverage and coverage aspects. We have been very encouraged the first week with what he has done. He will be a right end. He does a pretty good job with pattern recognition and we will take a look at that. This is the time to experiment and see what people can do. So far, it has been pretty good.”


Are you going to bring in another quarterback?

“I think bringing in a third is always an option. Our two quarterbacks are getting great reps. They’re taking advantage of this situation right now. (Right) now, the tempo is good and their arms are fresh so we will stay the same. “


Is there going to be an open competition at kicker?

“(John) Kasay’s daughter is graduating today from high school. That is where he is. He was here earlier in the week.”


What is the six-hour rule?

“There is a set amount of time the players can be in the building with the new CBA agreement and it is six hours. We need to get them in and get them out in six hours.”


What has it been like without Drew Brees on the field?

“Drew is the Offensive Player of the Year in the National Football League. Obviously, we miss him. He is going to be here. I think this has been a great opportunity for Chase (Daniel) to really showcase his skills. I think that he and Sean (Canfield) have done a great job with the tempo, getting our offense in and out of the huddle and knowing where to go with the ball. The ball location has been good. This has been a great opportunity for those guys. We miss Drew, absolutely.”


How do you approach his absence?

“It can’t be a distraction. We can only coach the guys that are here. We had practice today and a lot of you guys here saw the tempo. You saw the way they practiced and it has been good.”