Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer says he's prepared to take on any candidate running for President.  His campaign is two-fold.  It's a run for office as well as a national platform for his message.

The Democrat turned Republican, former Congressman and Governor is aiming for the executive office of the United States…on a shoestring budget.  "I have some experience in running where things were corrupt, Louisiana.  I ran for Governor 20 years ago against a man who spent 15 million dollars.  We spent 1.7 million and won," says Roemer.

However, he was voted out after his first term and his chances this time around are even slimmer.  Roemer is limiting campaign contributions to $100.  He's not taking money from political action committees either.  Roemer says…unlike other candidates, he's not beholden to special interests.  "I think weak presidents don't run a country…strong checks do."

The idealist attitude has come with political cost.  Roemer's been excluded from early debates, because he can't afford to enter.  Roemer says the Iowa Straw Poll cost $15,000, which is money he'd rather spend elsewhere.

"Do I want to win?  Yes.  Am I a long-shot?  Of course I'm a long shot.  I'm not well known.  My ideas have not been out in the rest of America, but that's what we're trying to solve one speech at a time."  Roemer has gained some national attention with guest appearances on shows like MSNBC's "Last Word" and Comedy Central's "Colbert Report."

Political analyst Jeff Crouere says he's a strong speaker with a clear agenda.  "He's one of the best speakers I think I've ever seen.  He's someone that can deliver a speech that can really move an audience, so if he's given a chance he can really connect with people across his country."  In fact, the anti-establishment message is so popular among voters, Roemer's last national interview brought in donations from 41 states.

With that money, he's back on the road to New Hampshire and crossing his fingers for the next big break.