Record Store Art Exhibit Brings Vinyl Back to NOLA

Ask anybody under the age of 30 if they owned a record and they'll probably say no, but they now have a chance to record one and actually have it put on vinyl.  It's all in the sake of art, with a new exhibit in New Orleans called Never Records, where the focus isn't selling music, but making it.

Ted Riederer's conceptual installation may not be a real record store, but it's traveled around the world. Riederer says, "I've done it in Liverpool, Dairy, Ireland and London with satellite projects in Chinatown, New York and Lisbon, Portugal."

It now resides here in New Orleans, thanks to supporters like gallery owner Jonathan Ferrara who says, "What better place in the U.S. to bring Never Records and to come and to record music and oral histories and story-tellings than New Orleans with our rich cultural history?"

Riederer has invited a variety of artists to come in for sessions, from musicians to historians. However, the project isn't just for professionals and includes some amateurs, kids and even folks off the street.  Each session is recorded and then cut onto a vinyl record for the artist to bring home.  They also receive a digital copy to share, promote or even sell if they please.  Ferrara says the project captures a moment in history.

"I see it as a documentation of our rebirth or an archive of our rebirth, but yeah a sign of our rebirth as well because we've all worked very hard and this is kind of taking a nice snapshot of a very special place in New Orleans history."