Oyster & Artichoke Soup
½  gallon Fresh Louisiana Oysters

¼ cup Vegetable Oil

2 cups Yellow Onion- diced ¼”

1 cup Celery – diced ¼”

1 TBL Garlic – minced

1 quart Heavy Cream

1 cup Blonde Roux

1 pound Artichoke Hearts – roughly chopped

2 tsp Salt

½ tsp Black Pepper

1 tsp Cayenne

¼ tsp Thyme

½ tsp White Pepper

½ cup Green Onion – sliced 1/8” thick


Poach oysters in their own juice until plump. Drain and reserve the liquid. Chop the oysters into ½” pieces In a 4 quart pot, sauté onion, celery and garlic in the oil until softened but not browned.

Add the reserved oyster liquor, heavy cream and the spices to the pot. Bring to a full boil.

Add enough roux to thicken the soup so that it thickly coats the back of a spoon. Allow the soup to cook at a simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the poached oysters, artichoke hearts and green onions in the pot and bring to a simmer. Serve.