Uptown Renters Cope Without Running Water
This week's warmer temperatures couldn't come at a worse time for families living in an uptown apartment building.

Water service to the building has been shut off; and it's not the first time.

Terry Davis and her neighbors have had enough.

"How can we live without water?" Davis asked.

They say they've already been dealing with deplorable conditions at the Shiloh Apartment complex in Uptown.

The maintenance issues; the rats, and the roaches.

"The rats walk all over my stove, I seen the rats and like to have died. I've never lived like this in my life," Davis said.

The latest battle with their landlord is over running water.

They don't have any, and it's turning their lives upside down.

"We have to cook, we have to use water," Davis said. "How we gonna wash? We can't take baths."

"The bathroom gonna be stanking because poo and pee and all this and all that children and adults it's a bad smell," Rosemary Jasper said.

And on a hot Louisiana day, running water is a necessity for families living in the 16-unit building; from the youngest of tenants to their elders.

And this is not the first time the water's been shut off.

According to renters, it's been turned off several times within the past few months.

But each time they say it "someone" "illegally" turns the water back on.

"Today they finally came and took the meter," Davis said.

No meter means no quick fix. The water bill has to be paid.

Neighbors showed us their paperwork, and receipts.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, "So you guys are paying your water bill? Yes, on time," Jasper replied.

But a call into the Sewer and Water Board revealed no payment has been made by the landlord since February.

"Something needs to really go down with this. I know he has water at his house," said renter California Jones. "He's collecting money from us and he's living well unlike we living like slums."

"What are we gonna do tonight?" Davis asked. "What we gonna do for baths?"

"We want the water bill to be paid," Davis said.

We left several messages with the landlord, but our calls were not returned.

Meanwhile, a spokesman with the sewer and water board says water service will be restored once the payment is made.