It's lights, camera, action in the Central Business District. Actor Tom Hanks and the cast of the HBO mini series, "The Pacific" are in town for a screening of the WWII drama and an after party. ABC26 News Reporter Vanessa Bolano is covering New Orleans.

Once again Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks is in town. This time for the debut of his latest project, a ten-part mini series called "The Pacific," was held at the convention center.

Hanks says, "We would like to bar the doors and make it impossible to escape the convention center until 3 a.m. and show all ten in a row."

At the screening the first episode was shown. "The Pacific" follows U.S. Marines as they fight their way across the Pacific Theater during WWII. Sidney Phillips was among the men whose story is being relived.

"The revival of a whole lot of memories was kind of shaking at times," says WWII veteran Philips.

Hanks, award winning director Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman are executive producers of "The Pacific." The trio was also behin the mini series "Band of Brothers."

Hanks says, "We needed stories about young men going in to the war, and coming out of the war. Without that there's no reason to do ten hours of anything."

New Orleans native, actor Wendell Pierce stars in the HBO series "Treme" due out this April. He's glad his city is in the spotlight. "We are now a viable industry here in New Orleans. It is not by chance, it is not by fluke, and it is not temporary. We are Hollywood South."

Hanks hopes "The Pacific" will do the same for those heroes who fought and died in that theater that "Band of Brothers" did for those who fought in Europe.

"The Pacific" was shot mostly in Australia, and debuts on March 14th on HBO.