Scammer Alert In Houma
Houma Police would like to make citizens aware of a potential scam in the making. On 10-13-10 at approximately 1349 hrs, Houma Police received a call from a 49 year old female residing in the 8500 block of Main Street regarding an individual who called her residence attempting to obtain her credit card number.

The complainant stated after she refused, the caller, who identified himself as a law enforcement officer, Officer Allan Taylor, informed her that he was investigating fraudulent activity on her credit card. Upon refusing to release the information, the caller became irate with her making threatening comments.

As the investigation continued, detectives identified the number the individual is calling from as (510) 214-8915. Detectives learned that the number originates in the Oakland, California area where authorities with the Alameda County District Attorney's Office in California are aware of similar incidents.

Houma Police would like to inform individuals to be aware of this activity and exercise extreme caution releasing personal information over the telephone with anyone. Houma Police would also like to inform the public that this individual has a strong foreign accent and questions victims about their personal information (i.e. credit card numbers, social security number) and attempts to get them to verify the information over the phone. When refused threats are generally made.

Attempts are being made to obtain further information on phone number with the possibility of identifying the caller. Houma Police detectives are working in conjunction with the Alameda County District Attorney's Office in California. There are postings on the internet of similar incidents from around the country regarding the same telephone number.