New Orleans police have new hi-tech tools to fight crime.

Detectives in the 8th district are now using state of the art equipment in their interrogation room.

The community followed developments in the Earl Wheeler murder case; the tragedy, and the celebration of life.

"I know my baby was loved but I didn't know he touched that many people's lives," Nicole Wheeler said.

Now the district that investigated the French Quarter crime has new hi-tech equipment to help throw the book at Wheeler's killer and others like them.

"We were able to put together a really good state of the art surveillance system for the interview room," Detective Sergeant Nick Gernon said.

Sergeant Nick Gernon says 8th District detectives had a harder time preparing solid cases for prosecutors with their old system; because the out-dated recording devices would sometimes fail.

That was until corporate and private donations helped pay for state of the art equipment like HD-cameras and hidden microphones.

"We wanted to minimize that intrusiveness and intimidation factor," Gernon said. "We want that suspect to feel comfortable here and to have a conversation with the detective."

Bryan Lagarde's non-profit played a big role, by matching funds and providing the equipment.

"I wish more people would step up, more business owners and operators would step up to the plate and do whatever they can to assist. When we learned that they needed advanced video surveillance equipment for their interview room that was our way that we can help out," Lagarde said.

"I think it's a very effective and very good tool for law enforcement," Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said.

"The D.A. likes the new system because it replaces old VHS cassettes and hand-held recording devices with a new hi-tech audio and video system," said WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter.

"It's a very effective tool for prosecutors to have because we can see from the defendants own mouth him telling or admitting to us what it is he's responsible for," Cannizzaro said.

"Whatever it takes for the community to be safe, I'm all for it," Wheeler said in support of the new equipment.

Cannizzaro hopes to see the same kind of upgrades in other districts throughout the NOPD.