There was a big celebration Thursday in Algiers at the new LB Landry School. Parents, alumni, and future students got the grand tour of the brand new campus.

Sophomore Artesia Roy can't wait for the first day of school at the new school in Algiers. She loves the quotes that cover the walls in the halls.

"I think it's going to like encourage me to do good and succeed in life," Roy said. That's what community leaders in Algiers want from this new student body.

The dedication of this campus wasn't easy. It was used by FEMA after Katrina, then torn down and rebuilt.

The new school brought old memories for high school sweethearts Walter and Gale Byes, who attended the school in the 60's. They love the state of the art campus.

"The lights, the space and the spirit of Landry is still here, even though it's a brand new building," said Walter Byes.

"And the technology, now it's the age of technology," added Gale Byes.

Long gone are the days of the chalkboard. This is smart board and each classroom in this school has one. They are just one example of technology flourishing in the classrooms.

State Superintendent Paul Pastorek says students deserve it.

"They deserve two gymnasiums, one auditorium, science lab, career and tech lab. They deserve this school!" Pastorek said.

"This is a community school. No school is a school if a community doesn't have input," said Darryl Williams with Friends of Landry.

This school is a pillar of hope and history for many in New Orleans, and for them it was slam dunk decision to keep LB Landry school open and its spirit alive

The first day of school for students attending the school is next Thursday.