Today Angela Coleman was too sick to testify against Renee Gill Pratt. Sitting outside the courtroom, visibly in pain, Coleman was sent home. Her mother Betty Jefferson says they recently found out Coleman has an illness, but still are unsure what it is. Next week a judge will decide if Coleman will testify or if her prior testimony will be used.

Under cross examination this morning former New Orleans Tax Assessor Betty Jefferson testified again against Renee Gill Pratt. She and her daughter Angela Coleman have already pleaded guilty in the case and are awaiting sentencing.

Defense attorney Mike Fawer pointed out how "In exchange for your testimony" the government has reduced Coleman and Jefferson's sentence to a maximum of five years, and the two may serve even less time.

This morning Betty Jefferson recalled how she, Mose Jefferson, Angela Coleman, and Brenda Foster stole state money appropriated to charities. She said the charities existed at one point but they began misappropriating funds "Sometime in the 90's." Fawer asked: "You begun in '99 and by 2001 you're going strong ripping off these non profits?" Jefferson replied: "Correct."

Fawer questioned her about the non profits that were funded by state dollars before Renee Gill Pratt was in the House. Fawer asked: from 1983- 1991, "Every year there was an appropriation?" Jefferson replied" "Correct." Fawer asked: "And during that time you weren't stealing?" Jefferson replied: "Correct."

Jefferson described Gill Pratt as the girlfriend of Mose Jefferson saying, "We weren't bosom buddies, but I didn't dislike her." Jefferson testified the only time she had a conversation with Gill Pratt about non profits was in 1995 before the Jefferson family began stealing. Jefferson said stealing is "Not something I can sit here and say I'm proud of."

Jefferson spoke about the Central City building charities were supposed to have been operating out of. Gill Pratt also had an office in the building while serving as State Representative. Jefferson said, "It was clear that the children were not present in the building. We all knew that." Fawer asked: "But there were children at that facility?" "Every day going in and out?" Jefferson replied: "Every day groups of children were delivered." "Some of them walked, some were dropped off." "But they went specifically to that program," speaking of another non profit, New Orleans Drug & Intervention Center, operated out of the building located on South Saratoga.

When asked if Renee Gill Pratt had knowledge the Jefferson family was misappropriating funds Betty Jefferson replied: "I can not testify to her knowledge. I don't know what she knows. Only she knows." She called her testimony "Not a testimony for or against; it's just testimony."

Jurors are expected back in court Monday.