Family Of 73-year-old Killed By Cop To Get $125k
Homer's Board of Selectmen approves a $125,000 settlement with the family of a 73-year-old black man shot and killed by a white policeman.

The Times reports that Monday night's vote ends a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the widow and four children of Bernard Monroe Sr. He was killed Feb. 20, 2009, as police chased one of his sons through his house.

Both officers, Tim Cox and Joseph Henry, resigned about five months later.

The shooting outraged many in the rural town of 3,800. Police said Monroe was armed, but witnesses said he just had a water bottle under one arm.

A Claiborne Parish grand jury declined in January to indict either Henry or Cox, the one who shot Monroe.

The attorney general's office, which took over the investigation, refused a request for public review of the investigation files.