Get out your walking shoes "crime walks" will be taking place across New Orleans Thursday.

There will be eight of them in all the police districts across the city. In the French Quarter, the "crime walk" will begin at Jackson Square.

Sergeant Jonette Williams gets out and meets people across the French Quarter. She's coordinating a multi-block "crime walk" across the Quarter.

"Just to be able to put a face to the NOPD, to know that we're here to help. We're not just here to come when you have a problem or if you just want to talk," Sgt. Williams said.

NOPD hopes it's taking a step in the right direction with these "crime walks" in order to build better bonds with the community.

"One of the new marching orders is to get closer to the community and hear what the community has to say and deal with the communities issues, work with the community," said Captain Edwin Hosli, commander of the 8th District Police Station.

Residents like Billy Williams say the "crime walks" may help people become more involved, especially after a recent mugging in his neighborhood.

"A lady was walking down the street and a guy jumped on her and took her purse and jumped back in the truck. Nobody never knew it," Billy Williams said.

Business leaders welcome the effort.

"I think the effort is absolutely fabulous. I mean there has been a disconnect in the past that we're starting to see dissolve. It's very nice to have a comfortable relationship with our police officers," said Annie Flettrich of the French Quarter Business Association.

As for Billy Williams, he also hopes a better relationship with NOPD may make a walk in the Quarter safer.

In the French Quarter, the plan is for officers to meet at Jackson Square. From there, they will walk for about 12 blocks, shaking hands and talking with people along the way. Crimestoppers is also involved in these "crime walks".