"Battle of the Saints Songs” to Benefit the Roots of Music
How about hearing all those Saints songs and seeing all those artists on one stage.

Artists honoring the hometown boys with musical tributes will all come together and play on one stage at the Howlin' Wolf in the "Battle of the Saints Songs" concert. The Howlin' Wolf's Stu Schayot came up with the idea with his friend Wild Wayne. "I really think this is a chance to not only celebrate Saints, but celebrate something else that's just a big a part of our culture, and that's music."

Bands will show Saints spirit, but there's an even bigger reason to go. All the proceeds go to help the Roots of Music. Rebirth Brass Band Drummer Derrick Tabb founded the Roots of Music -- an after school program that helps more than 120 kids learn instruments and perform better in other areas of their lives. "The kids. They're hungry for music. They're hungry to learn. Our kids are doing well in their academics. I had 20 honor roll students last marking period," says Program Director Allison Reinhardt. She says the "Battle of the Saints Songs" proceeds will help eventually get more kids into the program, kids like Matthew Jones. "I've been in the Roots of Music for a month," he says. He's already playing the tuba. He and all these kids are paying tribute to the Saints too.

Donations will also go to benefit the Benjamin Foundation. The concert is this Sunday, doors open at eight and tickets are $10 bucks. Here's a list of bands: Baby Boy, Partners N Crime, Hot 8 Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band, K Gates, Ghost Datman & Leslie Limberg, Gregory D, QT Productions, Dappa and Weathered. And Deuce McAllister will be there as well.