He's a high-ranking cop in charge of one of the most challenging districts in the city, but when his house burned down last month, he and his family were presented with a new challenge.

It was a big night Sunday for Capt. Bob Bardy of NOPD's Sixth District. The commander of the police station in Central City was humbled by the giant gesture of fellow officers, and members of the community to try to help him in his hour of need.

"It makes me feel good after 37 years of serving this community that perhaps maybe, we have done something right for the community to respond in such a matter. It's overwhelming.

An electrical fire broke out at his house in St. Tammany Parish nearly two weeks ago, while he was at work. Everyone got out safely, but the home was destroyed.

"We're real fortunate we were able to get a place near where my wife works, so the family is doing well and one of my kids who is in college, he don't come home until April 15th. So we got about 6 weeks to get stabilized," Bardy said.

The fundraiser at the Howlin' Wolf brought in a lot of family: Bardy's actual family, and extended family with NOPD and community members, all with one common goal: to show love and support.

This fundraiser by no means will replace Bardy's house, but these people say they're family and that family helps each other.

"This is just a small gesture for us to be able to show him you know you are in our hearts. We love you and we care about you and your family and we're here for you," said Det. Sgt. Sabrina Richardson of the New Orleans Police Department.

"I've been knowing him for quite some time. I'm sorry that happened to him, but that's why i'm here to support him now, help him get back on his feet, what not. Sharing the love we have for him," said Elroy Stroughter, resident of New Orleans East.

They say he gives a lot of himself to them.

Bardy says Sunday night just showed that people can respond and come together just like in this fundraiser to fight crime in their own neighborhoods.